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Reasons Why MINI Coopers Are The Coolest Car In Town

Did you ever wonder why MINI Coopers are considered to be so cool? In many cases, what makes a person or place cool is just not really describable in words. Luckily, this is not the case with MINI Coopers. Here are ten reasons why your MINI is the coolest car you'll ever own.

1. You can always recognize a MINI Cooper. People, places, and things that are cool are typically designed by their trademark style. Well, unlike most cars out on the road, you can always tell a MINI Cooper from other cars that are careening down the road. No other car is as stylish, quirky and generally easily recognizable as a MINI Cooper.

2. Celebrities absolutely adore them. MINI Coopers are the choice car of celebrities who are enamored with the classic spunky British style that is commonly associated with the zippy compact cars. Such fans include Geri Halliwell from the Spice Girls, Lily Allen, Twighlight super stud Robert Pattinson, and Madonna.

3. MINI Coopers have been featured in plenty of movies. If you've ever watched the Austin Powers trilogy, you've noticed that the international man of mystery happens to drive a MINI. While shooting the movie Hitch, Will Smith enjoyed driving the MINI Cooper that was used on set so much that he ended up buying one for himself. 

4. MINI Coopers are just so easy to customize. Unlike many of the cars on the market, you can customize your MINI Cooper with ease. This means that you can dress your car up as much as you want, and being able to show off your personal style with your car is perennially cool.
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5. Races and rallies are often won by MINI Coopers. Car enthusiasts know that there is something undeniably cool about a car that can handle the need for speed that racers enjoy. MINI has won major races such as the Dakar Rally, the Monte Carlo Rally as well as the internationally famous Middle East Rally Championship. Remember – MINI Coopers were originally designed to be race cars, so they will always have that ability to hold their own when it comes to speed and drivability.

6. They win the "green" seal of approval. If there is anything that can be defined as cool when it comes to cars, it's being able to drive a stylish, zippy car that doesn't force you to feel major pain at the pump. With the incredible MPG ratings that MINI Coopers have, it should come as no surprise that they have earned a reputation for being environmentally friendly and wallet friendly cars.

7. You can drive them every day, and you can also drive them for weekend use. The problem with many "cool cars" out there is that you just can't drive them around town for everyday use without problems. Worse still, cars that are suited for daily use often are just not fun to drive during the weekend. No one in their right mind drives a Lamborghini to a grocery store. No one feels cool while driving their family SUV down a stretch of highway, either. MINI Coopers allow people to get their day to day tasks done while also letting them have the fun of a sports car. How much cooler can it get?
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8. You will always get compliments while driving a MINI Cooper. People love MINI's. They love their cute appearance, and the fun racing stripes that are always included in their design. That's why you can always expect to get a couple of comments and compliments when you drive it around town.

9. You might get access to closer parking spots just because your MINI Cooper is able to fit in them more easily than a standard sized car. Many major venues now offer specialized compact car parking. Imagine being able to snag a parking spot closer to your destination

10. MINI Coopers have attitude - in a good way. No other car has that same amount of quirky, spunky attitude when they are on the road. They turn on an angle, they look awesome, and they also come with sick sound systems that make it fun to blast music while cruising the open road. And really, being able to drive a car that has that kind of rock star attitude makes anyone feel perennially cool.